Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wedgies: Front and Back

I love wedgies! Not only are they extremely sexy, but they feel good too!

When I say wedgie, it can mean either front or back. I know fabric riding up in the front is generally referred to as camel toe, but I tend to see that more as a single layer of fabric that rides up between the labia and creates the single crease down the middle. Actually pulling the fabric tight up between my legs is very different!

So "frontal wedgies." Why are they amazing? To look at them is a treat because they reveal so much of the sexy pelvic region without showing any of the naughty bits. It also pushes out the surrounding skin and shows just how tight it's being pulled. The real fun is experiencing it though. I can barely even describe the feeling of pulling a leotard tight between my legs, it's so incredibly erotic! Just the act of doing it is so insanely sexy. I know I'm so close to being exposed, and all attention is on my most tender spots. The feeling is the main reason I do it though, and it's unreal. Feeling the spandex slowly getting pulled tighter and tighter against me, and wishing I wasn't the one doing it so I'd have no control to stop it. The slight twinge of pain as it gets so tight, but causing me to start wriggling around, which makes it feel even better! Sliding the fabric against me with the movement of my own body stimulates me sexually and just makes me want to wiggle around more! I've never gotten off completely with this method, but the amount of writhing and squirming I'd have to do to get that much stimulation makes me wet just thinking about getting to watch that!!

A true wedgie by the term would mean fabric riding up the bum, which is also extremely hot! It exposes the ass cheeks when they're not meant to be in that garment, and will stay there until pulled out. Sometimes it happens with movement, but I mostly like to pull it up myself. Not only does it feel good, but it turns any leotard into a thong, which I love :)