Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wedgies: Front and Back

I love wedgies! Not only are they extremely sexy, but they feel good too!

When I say wedgie, it can mean either front or back. I know fabric riding up in the front is generally referred to as camel toe, but I tend to see that more as a single layer of fabric that rides up between the labia and creates the single crease down the middle. Actually pulling the fabric tight up between my legs is very different!

So "frontal wedgies." Why are they amazing? To look at them is a treat because they reveal so much of the sexy pelvic region without showing any of the naughty bits. It also pushes out the surrounding skin and shows just how tight it's being pulled. The real fun is experiencing it though. I can barely even describe the feeling of pulling a leotard tight between my legs, it's so incredibly erotic! Just the act of doing it is so insanely sexy. I know I'm so close to being exposed, and all attention is on my most tender spots. The feeling is the main reason I do it though, and it's unreal. Feeling the spandex slowly getting pulled tighter and tighter against me, and wishing I wasn't the one doing it so I'd have no control to stop it. The slight twinge of pain as it gets so tight, but causing me to start wriggling around, which makes it feel even better! Sliding the fabric against me with the movement of my own body stimulates me sexually and just makes me want to wiggle around more! I've never gotten off completely with this method, but the amount of writhing and squirming I'd have to do to get that much stimulation makes me wet just thinking about getting to watch that!!

A true wedgie by the term would mean fabric riding up the bum, which is also extremely hot! It exposes the ass cheeks when they're not meant to be in that garment, and will stay there until pulled out. Sometimes it happens with movement, but I mostly like to pull it up myself. Not only does it feel good, but it turns any leotard into a thong, which I love :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

It's almost time to pop my Bondage Cherry!

I know this is suppose to be a blog about spandex, but a couple other fetishes have caught my interest lately. And besides, almost any fetish can have a tight, shiny outfit incorporated into it!

Bondage is a fetish I've been into since I was little, even before I knew what a fetish was. I remember one of my favorite things to do was tie up my Barbie dolls in intricate webs of shoelaces and string. I'm sure my playmates thought I was weird, but I thought nothing of it other than it fascinated me. Any excuse I could come up with to tie them to their cars, the stairway railing, or even to each other I would do it. I don't know what gave me the love of tying things up in the first place, but it's no doubt that it's the origin of my fetish for bondage today.

As unbelievable as it sounds, though I'm now in my 20s and have been in a relationship for years, I've never actually been in a true bondage situation. My mind is definitely more kinky than my real life... But I'm slowly trying to change that, for I've FINALLY ordered my first set of bondage equipment!! That's why I'm making this post, and I'll make another one after I've actually used it and be sure to report all the exciting details! The only question is: whatever shall I wear? ;)

The image on the box is way hotter, lol!

I bought this set from www.tootimid.com, a wonderful site I've been using for years that has great prices and sales!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I've suddenly been getting a lot of requests and inquiries about facesitting. Was I linked from a facesitting forum somewhere? Curious..

The strangest thing is that I actually AM becoming interested in this fetish, but I don't remember telling anyone. I have no idea where it came from except for seeing one picture on Facebook a few months ago of a woman in pantyhose sitting on a man's head with her beautiful mound pressed against his face. I unexpectedly found it incredibly sexy and have been intrigued ever since. With all these requests coming in I think I'll have to try it!

But I still wonder how everyone was suddenly informed that I may be into this, lol.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Custom Videos & Gifts

I filmed some custom videos last night, my last three for a while. I've been doing a LOT of them lately, and I'm longing to make some videos using my own ideas. I want to be a superheroine again!

I did get a super sexy (super EXPENSIVE) Asics swimsuit recently as a gift from a fan (THANK YOU!! <3). I'm so glad it fit me, I had to get the largest size they made! Darn those tiny Japanese girls. It's super thin but super soft.

I wore my brand new Capezio ultra shimmery tights with it. They're my new favorite brand! I highly recommend www.nydancewear.com. No shopping cart button and you can't pay with PayPal, but SUPER fast shipping and a 100% accurate order!

The same fan also bought me those super shiny gold satin sheets to put on my bed and slide around on. I love them!! I was slipping and sliding around just putting them on the bed! I want more ^_^

A late-night trip to the store

I went to the store last night wearing some shiny black leggings and a short cropped jacket. I got quite a reaction out of the late-night workers there, hehe. I think I made their night! I specifically remember one guy telling me to "Take your time, Sweetie" when I moved to avoid his large floor-buffing machinery. He even told me I was beautiful! I wonder what part of me he was referring to ;)

Even after all this time I still get butterflies when I go out in public in spandex, my ass just out there for everyone to see! It's thrilling!