Saturday, February 27, 2010

Custom Videos & Gifts

I filmed some custom videos last night, my last three for a while. I've been doing a LOT of them lately, and I'm longing to make some videos using my own ideas. I want to be a superheroine again!

I did get a super sexy (super EXPENSIVE) Asics swimsuit recently as a gift from a fan (THANK YOU!! <3). I'm so glad it fit me, I had to get the largest size they made! Darn those tiny Japanese girls. It's super thin but super soft.

I wore my brand new Capezio ultra shimmery tights with it. They're my new favorite brand! I highly recommend No shopping cart button and you can't pay with PayPal, but SUPER fast shipping and a 100% accurate order!

The same fan also bought me those super shiny gold satin sheets to put on my bed and slide around on. I love them!! I was slipping and sliding around just putting them on the bed! I want more ^_^


  1. Mmm... You look amazing in that, Gwen.

  2. gorgeus, beautiful !!!

  3. i would like to send you some leotards you look great in them!!!

  4. I think you will love my vintage leotard blog, my collection is huge:

    Let me know what you think!

  5. I think you can wear this one for try the facesitting,Mmmmmm yummy your very hot sexy feet.

  6. säljer du använda tränings kläder? du är jäte sexig!! kram janne!