Saturday, February 27, 2010

A late-night trip to the store

I went to the store last night wearing some shiny black leggings and a short cropped jacket. I got quite a reaction out of the late-night workers there, hehe. I think I made their night! I specifically remember one guy telling me to "Take your time, Sweetie" when I moved to avoid his large floor-buffing machinery. He even told me I was beautiful! I wonder what part of me he was referring to ;)

Even after all this time I still get butterflies when I go out in public in spandex, my ass just out there for everyone to see! It's thrilling!


  1. He was referring to you. The whole you. Cute outfit and looks like beautiful day outside.

  2. He was probably trying to get a good mental image for his jacking off rolodex.

  3. Wow, i have seen women out in public wearing spandex and yes it makes my day go much better after seeing some women appreciate the shinyier things in life, i wonder if they feel the same way about it as you though gwen, i hope they do. :0) i love this blog, you're lovely from the core babe and the working man knew it, so he told you!!

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  5. You are very pretty. I wear spandex a lot when I go out. I love the way women look at me when I am wearing it. My favorite thing to wear is a blue zentai.

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